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What to wear

HRCAV Uniform: Registered Club colours must be worn at official events. Club colours must be worn on the rider’s upper body with the Club name or logo displayed on the upper body garment and/or saddle blanket. The requirement to display the Club name or logo is waived for Led classes. All Clubs whose members wish to compete at Official events must register two main colours. The main colours are to be used as the principal colour/s of the uniform and may be interchanged. At the discretion of the Club, other colours may be used in trimming, logos or similar embellishment. Subject to rule 9.2, a neutral or light coloured shirt or saddle blanket (not registered as a Club colour) may be worn as part of the uniform. In hot weather, the Ground Jury may allow competitors to remove outer layers of clothing and ride in shirt sleeves. If a riding vest is worn, the length of the vest must not extend past the buttocks. Shirt/skivvies worn under a vest must be of a contrasting colour. Hacking or riding jackets or any items of clothing designed to replicate a hacking/riding jacket are not permitted to be worn at Official events

Uniform: Our Facilities

Dingley Riders Club Polo Shirts

Both male and female are $45 with sizes ranging from Mens XS to XXXL, Ladies size 8 to 26 and Childrens 6 to 16


Dingley Saddle Blanket

Price and new design is still being confirmed, otherwise Iron on patches or embroidered can be purchesed for other saddle blankets


Dingley Dressage / Show Vest

The current design on file at LP designs is $140 fully tailored to your size, otherwise can be altered to fit your budget and look

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