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Membership Details

Memberships in HRCAV clubs are open to people of any age, with or without their own horse or any riding level. With a friendly and supportive family based atmosphere, riders can get to know, learn from and encourage one another to enhance their riding capabilities.

Members meet each month for rallies with professional instructors in group based scenarios to cater for all levels. Groups are based around riders preferences and the skills you wish to work on, and allow you to get the most out of a full day of riding.

HRCAV financial year starts November 1st 2020 until the 31st October 2021, and costs $230, and juniors are $170 all inclusive of insurance, home rallies and instructor fees, along with access to the grounds outside of events and rallies.

Dingley as a second club is also available for $90 a year, all inclusive and non-riding memberships are available for $40

Membership: Membership

Yearly Membership


The yearly membership comes with  access to the Dingley Riders Club facilities, including days that aren't a club rally or event, so you can school over the cross country or show jumps or set up some obstacles for 3PE training.

Dingley as a second affiliated club is also available for $90 a year


Come and Try Day


Parents, do you always miss out going to Riders Club because you have to take your child to other commitments? Or are you a rider who misses the supportive club feel?
We are a small, friendly club that is affiliated with HRCAV. This means parents can ride on the same day as their kids without their kids missing out on the Pony Club fun and education. Perfect for adult riders who have out grown pony club but miss the atmosphere, education and fun with horses. Come and join us for a day to see if we are the club for you, before you commit to a full membership.

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